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This is the home of the novella Tales of the Golden Mask – a sexy, sensual fantasy tale set in a far-away land.

The authors – Alexa Lynsey and Belle De Ver hang out here, often plotting mischief or dreaming up naughty scenarios to amuse the readers.

This is a site for adults – Don’t expect us to be discussing cake and knitting, expect saucy fun and fantasy frolics.

Currently, Golden Mask is only available on Kindle Preorder but will hopefully be coming to other retailers soon.

Look out for some interviews from the characters and authors.

Sultry and sensual adventures to warm your cold winter nights or steam up your long summer days. Set in a fantasy world where nothing is quite what it appears, an old book and a strange golden mask bring power and pleasure.

The first instalment in the Tales of the Golden Mask

Adult rated! If you enjoy steamy scenes awash with fantasy-genre tales then this is for you.